About Us



Xandomel Albariño was born in 2020 as the partnership between art and wine, and with the firm intention of making Albariño known beyond our borders. A wine made for your enjoyment, which seeks to unite art with viticulture, and to represent in its essence part of the Galician character that defines us.


Once bottled we let our albariño rest in a dark room for at least 6 months before it’s served to the public.

Our grapes are grown sustainably and hand picked every year the grapes are destemmed and crushed, with prior cold maceration to obtain much more aromatic musts.

Subsequently, they are pressed to obtain the “mosto”, which is then transferred to a stainless steel tank where it is cleaned, leaving the “mosto” clean and ready for fermentation. Once fermentation is finished, it is transferred to a new clean tank where the wine is clarified and stabilized prior to its final bottling.

Our vines grow in an old, decomposed granite soil near the sea, where our Albariño thrives thanks to the Atlantic ocean and the climate which is characterized by its frequent rainfall and mild temperatures, this climate ensures that the vine obtains the necessary level of humidity to help us create our excepcional product.